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15mm ancient Macedonian Successor Elephants painted A1


15mm Russian Eastern Renaissance QR miniatures QRC


15mm ancient Macedonian Successor elephant painted A7


1/100th (15mm) WWII Village-Fight Rubble Set.


15mm Wargaming DBA Xyston Miniatures Greek Spartan


15mm ancient Macedonian Successor painted A10


15mm ancient Carthaginian Macedonian Successor Elephants painted A2


15mm TYW QR miniatures QRA


15mm ACW Union Infantry Zouaves


15mm Austro/ Hungarian Napoleonic figurines


15mm ACW Union Infantry


15mm Pro Painted Napoleonic Spanish Walloon Guards. Infantry x 24


15mm Napoleonic Generals- Painted


15mm ancient medieval crusades Byzantine cavalry painted X5


15mm Essex Muscovite Russians Unpainted


1/100th (15mm) WWII 19 inch Urban Barricade set.


15mm ancient Roman legion Essex A14


1/100th (15mm) WWII Medium Vehicle Wargaming Bridge Set.


15mm ancient Macedonian Successor cavalry essex painted A8


15mm Polish Eastern Renaissance QR miniatures QRB


15mm Fantasy Frigian Characters (12 figures)


15mm ancient Gaul Gallic Celt painted S10


15mm ancient Macedonian cavalry & slingers painted A12


15mm ancient Greek Thessalian Successor painted A3


15mm ancient Greek Hoplite painted A5


15mm Napoleonic British Infantry by Minifigs


Old Glory Napoleonic 15mm Saxon Infantry Marching with command - 1806 uniform


15mm ACW Confederate Artillery & Infantry


15mm ancient Greek Macedonian Successor cavalry painted A9


1/100th (15mm) Painted WWII German Panzerjaeger I SP/AT Model Set of Three (3)


15mm Flames of War Two Painted Panther Tanks TANKS


15mm Napoleonic Russian Cavalry by Minifigs


15mm ACW Union Artillery & Infantry


15mm Fantasy Wovian Spearmen with Shields (16 figures)


1/100th (15mm) WWII Rear Echelon Objectives Set.


15mm ancient Visigothic cavalry, painted and mounted 


Four (4) Novus Design Studio 15mm WWII buildings, Flames of War (FoW)


15mm Napoleonic French Dragoons- Painted


Large 15mm WWII LOT Individually Based Painted Metal Miniatures Minis Collection


15 mm ACW Confederate Cavalry


Huge 15mm WWII LOT Flames of War Command Decision Metal Miniatures Minis Large


15mm War of 1812 Napoleonic American Infantry Advancing with command - Minifigs