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Yamaha Tuba

Yamaha YBB-105M 3/4 BBb Tuba - Marching Tuba


Yamaha YBB 103 BBb Tuba in Great Playing Shape!


Yamaha YBB-102 Bb 3/4 Tuba - No Case


Silver Yamaha YBB-621 BBb Tuba


Yamaha YBB-201WC Full Size Tuba in Lacquer MINT CONDITION! WOW!


Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Tuba


Yamaha Silver Marching Tubas YBB-202MSWC


Yamaha BBb tuba, Model 321, New w/ shipping dent in bottom bow


Yamaha YCB-621S CC Tuba


Yamaha YCB-661 CC Tuba w/expertly converted mechanical 5th valve linkage!!


Yamaha YBB-202MSWC 4/4 Marching Tuba With Case in Lacquer NICE!


Yamaha YBB-201WC 3-Valve 4/4 BBb Tuba BRAND NEW


Yamaha YBB-641 Professional BBb Rotary Tuba, 4/4 size


HOLTON Bb 3/4 Tuba With Case, Made By Yamaha. Includes nice Case


Yamaha YBB-321 4-Valve 4/4 BBb Tuba w/ case FULLY RESTORED W/ NEW LACQUER FINISH


Yamaha Tuba YBB201


Yamaha YBB-201 Bb Tuba


Yamaha YBB103 YBB-103 Brass Instrument Tuba W/Hard Case Used


YAMAHA Eb tuba YEB-632S Neo 4-Piston BB-66D4 Brass Band from Japan NEW!!


Yamaha 65 Tuba Mouthpiece - Silver Color - Mouth Piece -G




Tuba YAMAHA YBB-321 Made In Japan


YAMAHA Es Tuba YEB-632S 4-Piston Musical Music Instrument Used Ex++


Tuba YAMAHA YEB-201M With Hard Case Made In Japan


Yamaha Silent Brass Tuba PickUp Mute PM-1 and ST9 Personal Studio


Yamaha YBB-321WC Series 4-Valve 4/4 BBb Tuba Silver


Yamaha Tuba Case Handle fits some YBB-201,321,641,s,YEB,381,631,632,YCB-661


SB1X Yamaha Silent Brass System for Tuba - Brand New Design!


Yamaha Tuba Valve Slide inside Pull Ring YBB-201,321,631,632


Yamaha Tuba Vlave slide outside Pull Ring YBB-201,321,631,632


Yamaha Silent Brass Tuba PickUp Mute PM-1


Yamaha Brass finger button Screw Tuba YBB-103,104,105,m:Euphonium YEP-201(2)


YAMAHA YBB-105 Standard Bb Tuba 3/4 size Clear lacquer (o260)


Yamaha YBB-104 Tuba (3/4 size, brass, 3 - piston valve, w/new case)


YAMAHA B �ó tuba YBB105 YBB105 (899


YAMAHA YBB-202MS Bb Marching Tuba Silver-plated (o271)


YAMAHA YEB-201 Eb Tuba Clear lacquer Yellow brass /o122


Yamaha slide valve water key springs Tuba YBB-103,201,321,632 Euphonium YEP 621


Yamaha tuba/sousaphone mouthpiece, model 64


Yamaha 321 tuba, 4 piston, used


YAMAHA TMPBB Tuba Mouthpiece Practice Training Brass Woodwind


YAMAHA YBB-641II Professional Bb Rotary Tuba Clear lacquer (o258)